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"If you love the dreamy nostalgia and Easter egg color palettes of Wes Anderson films, Maquisard, will make your twee heart soar." - The Verge

"You get to sneak around carrying a flower stand to duck behind. Oh yes." - Rock Paper Shotgun

"It's a fun and creative role-subversion ." - Boing Boing

Maquisard is a charming game of snooping and investigation. As the lobby boy at a fancy hotel, the player receives clues from the resistance about the identity of a government agent and tries to figure out their identity by snooping on the guests over the course of three days. Players must listen in on conversations, peek into rooms, and observe the guests' habits in order to figure out which guests has all the traits of their target. Maquisard is a single-player puzzle game that has an unique non-linear investigation gameplay and draws on the visual aesthetics of Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Maquisard was an official selections for the Digital Selects at Indiecade 2015.

Maquisard was also an Official Selection for the IndieCade Showcase @ E3 2015!

Wyatt Yeong - Game Design & Programming
Julian Hyde - Project Management
Angela Lee - Character Design & Animation
Terry Li - Game Design
Andrew Struck-Marcell - Music
Kailin Zhu - Visual Design