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Available on Nintendo Switch & Steam 

It's high noon in this barren wasteland, and only one of you is making it out alive. Sure, you could try and shoot them right between the eyes - but where's the fun in that? Red Hot Ricochet is an intense game of ricochet duels, and you'll need wise shooting, lucky bounces, and a bit of triggernometry to win.

Each player is armed with a gun that shoots bouncing bullets, allowing you to ricochet your shots based on your ammo count. You'll use the rocks around you both as cover and a way to hit your opponents where they least expect it. When you're not giving your enemies a lethal dose of lead, you can also use your bullets to grab powerups, revive dead allies, or gain a burst of speed. Use your ammo wisely, or you'll end up shooting yourself in the foot (literally).

You can't all make it out of this desert alive, so make sure the bullets bounce your way. Find the best rocks, envision the tastiest angles, and pull the fastest trigger - or someone else will.


  • Local multiplayer game
  • Up to 4 players for Solo Duels
  • Up to 6 players for Team Duels
  • Over 10 map layouts with randomly generated rocks each time you play
  • 4 types of Item Powerups
  • Bonus Powerups during special Night and Eclipse cycles
  • Music by Seth S. Scot