A downloadable game

Send your bullets zipping through a sweltering wasteland in TRIGGERNOMETRY.  Armed with a gun that allows you to kill foes, heal allies, grab powerups, and dash, you have to master the ricochet and bounce your shots off surrounding terrain to eliminate your opponents.

  • Top-down twin-stick local multiplayer game
  • Up to 6 players in Team Duels
  • Up to 4 players in Free-For-All Duels
  • Targeted release for PC/Mac; subsequently... consoles.
  • Music by Seth S. Scott


TRIGGERNOMETRY is an abstract western ricochet duel where your shots ricochet equal to your ammo count. Everything you do is tied to firing bullets: dispatching enemies, reviving teammates, obtaining items, and running. As a result, your potency is magnified when you are able to accurately ricochet shots off rocks onto your targets.